Day 53: Friday, April 1, April Fool's Day

The minute I typed those words - April Fool's Day - memories of tricks being played by 7 year olds, 8 year olds......same tricks year after year and always wondering why no one fell for them.  The wallet with the string attached and you were hoping some fool would pick up the wallet and you'd pull on the string and they'd be so surprised when the wallet went flying.....and you'd yell "April Fool's" and they'd smile with great embarassment.............but it never happened darn it! 

I bought a Groupon Coupon to have a painting transferred from watercolor paper to canvas, a 16x20 reproduction.  I sent in the painting of my cousin. The canvas arrived yesterday. It's hysterical. It's huge! It looks like someone took xerox paper and glued it onto a canvas. I'm sure my cousin's gonna love it! Or he better at least say he loves it. And you're probably asking why I'm not giving him the original painting? I like it too much to part with it quite yet! My painting of him is probably an 11 x 15, a reasonable size, 1/4 sheet in watercolor painting.

Here's the watercolor, 11x15.
Here's the huge, cropped by the company "oil painting" version:
And here's a tiny section of his ear to see how strangely this turned out:
All the pencil marks, little subtle things that don't show in the original painting are "featured" in the re-cropped, blown-up painting. Had to try the process though.

Have a great weekend.

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  1. That's amazing. And that is odd how the pencil marks showed up in the second image.

    You did a great job in this painting, though I do not know what he looks like in person, it's a great painting.

    You should include a picture of him so us, the viewers, can compare.