Day 65: Tuesday, April 19

Lynne Fearman, whose oil paintings I really like, stopped by the house yesterday to drop off 5, count 'em, 5 paintings that she did in/of the Arlington Garden for our party on April 30th.  She's got a one-woman show coming up September 3- October 1, at the Segil Gallery in Monrovia.  BTW: If you've never stopped by the Segil Gallery, do. It's one of my favorites in that you can wander in, wander around and never have the feeling that there's pressure to buy.  They always have wonderful artists featured.

Lynne painting in the Garden
This painting will be for sale on April 30 at the
2nd annual celebration of the Garden's Fifty Anniverary
And then today at w/c class, Gail Green donated a wonderful watercolor that she had painted in the Garden last week. She said the Garden could keep all the money when her really nice painting sold. Thanks!!

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