Day 64: Monday, April 18

Regarding my blog entry back in February about Splash 12 and Splash 13, magazines issued once a year that contain the best of watercolor.  Ted Nuttall is still the cover "item" on Splash 12 even though I cited it as Splash 13. And then I listed all the painters in Splash 12, but they were the winners of Splash 13 which will be issued sometime next year.  Brenda Swenson brought this to my attention because she was a winner in 12, not in 13. And I want Brenda to always get the credit she deserves for the wonderful painting work she does!

And by making the mistake and listing the winners of 13 instead, I heard from a favorite new friend of mine Rudy Halili who said: "I recognized one of the winners on Splash 13. His name is Oscar R. Dizon, a Filipino. He was featured in the American Artist Watercolor this winter. He has a solo exhibition this March in the Ayala Museum in the Philippines. I hope his exhibition will still be on when my wife, Carmen and I get there by this Tuesday. I will be back here in time for the Master Ted Nuttall's workshop in June." 

I am once again offering a week-long workshop with Ted at the Glendale Brand Studios if you might be interested.

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