Park city or "on the road" -

Just finished a week long Ted Nuttall seminar/workshop held in Glendale, Ca. The class was full, 14 fantastic women who worked together so well. They're asking if we can have just that same group next September and I said I'd work hard on making it happen. I'm also scheduling him in California in March and June so check Ted's website for updates.

I worked on a painting of Carol Marine in watercolor. I downloaded her photo years ago from her website since it was such a cute photo and only just recently did i find her again because of the painting a day blog. When I've finished the painting, I'll post it.

I'm on the road in Park City painting plain air with 4 painter friends and our "old"teacher Jeanne Hyland. She gives us hints as to how to paint those majestic mountains. Maybe I'll post some of my work this year.