Day 60: Tuesday, April 12

I don't know if any of you have seen this. I think it's one of the more clever YouTube videos that's arrived via email. How long did this couple have to practice? They're called the "Italian Answer to the Irish River Dancers".

Sorry that there's no painting being done by me. I'm working hard "pimping the painters" at the Arlington Garden hoping to get enough wonderful paintings to sell at the event on April 30, Saturday.  Contact me if you've painted in the Garden and have an art piece you'd like to show off that day.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, the MidValley League painters will be at the Park and Thursday the plein air group led by Walter McNall and Brenda Swenson will be at the park for their second go-round.

If you are a painter, it's fabulous to go watch people paint but what I find so informative is looking through their eyes: why did they choose that vista, why are they incorporating that piller.........

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