Day 57: Thursday, April 7

You all know how often I mention Karin Jurick? Of the famous "wanted" mug shots? Of the famous portrait challenge of 2 years ago.  She's been painting up a storm and has a show opening in Hilton Head. Take a look at her wonderful work! 

I'm always amazed that her paintings are 4"x4" or 6"x8"....small jewels with such incredible detail even though they're not detailed, just masterfully crafted . She's a "master" because of the more than 10,000 hours that the book by Malcolm Gladwell, "The OutLiers" says is necessary to create the "genius" that we all think happens all by itself.  If you haven't read one of Malcolm's other books, "Blink", do so. Probably an hour or two to read and it leaves you thinking about so many things. Non fiction, a book about the power of thinking without thinking and what happens.

For those of us close to Pasadena, CA, there's a great show of John Salminen's work at the San Marino Gallery located at 70 N. Raymond in OldTownPasadena. The shows runs through October.  Here's one of his paintings that you might have seen in the watercolor magazines. He's been featured many times in the last year.  Someone said today that supposedly he can turn out 2-3 paintings a week? Whew!

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