Day 61: Wednesday, April 13

Have been painting away at the Arlington Garden today.  Went over there initially to "pimp the party" on April 30th where I'm in charge of art sales (and obviously I have to recruit painters if we're to have anything wonderful to sell).  It was absolutely so glorious, sun, cloud cover, sun, birds singing, sun, people strolling, a group of photographers being led through the garden by the garden's designer, school kids walking the labyrinth, and a whole group of plein air painters!  The whole scene got me so excited that I got my stuff out of the car and started in.............thinking i'm Monet? VanGogh?.......someone great for sure.

Here's what I painted, right after high noon, so no shadows to speak of..took about an hour and a half.  Loved my sketch, not so sure about the painting but I'll be there most of the day tomorrow, Thursday, and hopefully, there'll be something else painted.
The Main Entrance off of Arlington Avenue

My version of the main entrance
And then about 4:30 I went back to the Garden to get some pictures for all of you specifically. My photos don't do it justice.

The shadows on this dusty grey (name?)

Gazillions of Bearded Iris - of all colors

Architectural interest and seating areas everywhere
This Bearded Iris is probably 7" x 7" - Huge, in other words

And more California Poppies and red Asian Poppies
 than the Antelope Valley could ever have!!


  1. Sorry to have missed out on painting today at Arlington. It would have
    been a perfect day. Just too much on my plate right now. But just had to
    give you "kudos" for you wonderful blog. It gets better everyday!! Great job....I hope you keep it up!

  2. Hi Jill - I just discovered your blog after your comment on "100 landscapes". Thank you for stopping by our group blog, and if you'd like to be part of it we welcome participants. Just lately things have slowed down, but I feel everyone getting inspired again!