Day 52, Thursday, March 31

Whoopee!! I got an email today from the Brooklyn Art Library Librarian that: 

We just wanted to let you know that Autumn N. just viewed your sketchbook (#35593) at Brooklyn Art Library in Brooklyn, NY!
Your book has been viewed 1 time so far.
The Brooklyn Art Library Librarian

This is all about the national Sketchbook Project.  Go to the website and see what interesting other projects are available. (I'm actually sponsoring 4 teenagers in the camera project as a favor to a friend who teaches photography to Los Angeles area teens.)

I signed up for and chose a topic to "sketch".  I chose Coffee and Cigarettes as my theme and last fall when we were in France, I photographed and sketched all those french people smoking and coffeeing, picturing this romantic version of life with wisps of smoke, coffee filters, photographs of well dressed folk..........

and then I started the actual project.

I made the mistake of reading up on cigarettes, their chemicals, the fake tobacco shreds...........and instead of romance, I went on a diatribe against cigarettes and my sketchbook was the deconstruction of tobacco, filters, cigarette boxes.........not a wonderful sketchbook at all so I'm pretty sure that the person who viewed it had no idea what to expect.

But I'm thrilled that someone, just one, has looked at it.  The sketchbooks are now travelling the United States and will be available for viewing in San Francisco in June of 2011.


  1. Congrats on having your sketchbook read! Isn't it a great feeling? I've had one read also & it made my day!

  2. Nancie and I "egged each other on" - telling each other that we HAD to complete our sketchbooks on time.......and now we've both had ONE person look at our book. Whoopee!!

  3. That is unbelievably exciting! Congratulations.

    Kind of pathetic that when I first made this blog, I got excited when it hit 100 views. haha!