Park city or "on the road" -

Just finished a week long Ted Nuttall seminar/workshop held in Glendale, Ca. The class was full, 14 fantastic women who worked together so well. They're asking if we can have just that same group next September and I said I'd work hard on making it happen. I'm also scheduling him in California in March and June so check Ted's website for updates.

I worked on a painting of Carol Marine in watercolor. I downloaded her photo years ago from her website since it was such a cute photo and only just recently did i find her again because of the painting a day blog. When I've finished the painting, I'll post it.

I'm on the road in Park City painting plain air with 4 painter friends and our "old"teacher Jeanne Hyland. She gives us hints as to how to paint those majestic mountains. Maybe I'll post some of my work this year.

Day 21: After a long hiatus

Been drawing and drawing and not painting all that much this summer. Am taking a plein air class from a local artist who teaches at the Art Center College of Design, Rob Sherrill.    That's been a fun experience and also a totally mystifying experience. I know how to draw faces. I don't know how to draw trees much less paint them while the wind and the sun are moving everything around. 

Came across a fun blog/website about two months ago and I signed up to receive emails from him.  Lee Brown, who lives in Colorado, posts one wonderful photo a month that he's taken on his travels and then encourages everyone who wants to paint from the photo and submit their version to his website before the end of each month.  The previous challenges were way too challenging for me, or so I thought, but then this month?

The August challenge is of a bright yellow taxi Lee photographed while visiting Santa Barbara, California. I couldn't resist doing something with that taxi, so I finally painted something "to order".  Hopefully by the time you read this my version of the taxi will have been posted. I had a great time working on it.......the idea came to me because Lee said if you looked at the bumper closely you could see him and his wife standing there taking the photo.  If you choose to look/see what other people have done, below the photo of the taxi it says "click here to see the submissions gallery".

Just another fun site for everyone to take a look at.

And here's my version of the Santa Barbara taxi:

I leave tomorrow for a three days of painting with Ted Nuttall in Colorado. Have been drawing on 300# paper for days now, trying to have drawings ready to paint. So looking forward to this special event at a private home.

And if you're interested, I'm bringing Charles Reid to Pasadena, CA in May of 2011. Check his website for further info.

Day 20; An interesting web site talking about Roosevelt Island's waste disposal system

Someone sent me the link to this interesting web site. Found the whole discussion fascinating: waste disposal on Roosevelt Island in NYC.  The system was so far ahead of its time when it was created and now? It's just interesting. Take a look if you have the time.

Day 19: Arlington Garden's 5th Anniversary

In an earlier post, I mentioned the Arlington Garden, a fabulous Mediterranean Garden that was founded and nourished by a couple, Betty and Charles McKenney, Pasadenans through and through. We celebrated the 5th Anniversary of the founding of the Garden last Saturday. I had invited all the plein air painters I knew to come paint in the Garden and then to submit their work for an outdoor exhibit.  I think we had about 20-25 painters and we sold 12 paintings!! Wonderful money for the Garden's Foundation Bank Account at a 25% commission.  I actually sold my very first painting ever, the one I did of Brenda Swenson painting in the Arlington Garden!! Whoopee, is 2010 wonderful or what?
The Garden has many orange trees, being Mediterranean. The oranges were prolific this year and the local Boy Scout troop was asked to pick the oranges as a project. Then Waldo's made marmalade, all of which was sold at the benefit. I think 100 cases of marmalade total! I had gathered lavender over many weeks at the Garden, drying it and stuffing lavender sachet sacks which sold for $5.00 and which were all snatched up.  It was a wonderful, sunny day with everyone in a generous mood.  Maybe next year we'll try again as it was such a wonderful affair.

Day 18 - Looking for Challenge Sites

Found an interesting site, Daily Painters International which is posting challenges on a monthly basis. Challenge starts on the 1st of the month, ends on the last day as the last painting will be uploaded. May's challenge is "FRINGE" in any form.............

There's also the absolutely fabulous Virtual Paintout.  It uses Google's map of the world and you choose what you'd like to paint. Take the time to read the page in order to understand the challenge that's being post and then go for it!!

Then there's A Day Not Wasted.  Lee, the owner of the site, posts gorgeous photographs to be used as source material for paintings. He also posts one photograph as a monthly challenge, submit your painting, etc etc.  The photographs have my appetite for landscape painting definitely whetted! Take a look.  Also look at this date on ADNW.

Then there's Windows to the Words. The owner of the blog writes poetry and then posts pictures to accompany his "corny" (his words) poetry and as a challenge you paint from his pictures.  He gives awards. I enjoyed reading the blog as it was positive and fun........again. Take a look.

And then a site that in order to participate you have to have made a blog so that there's a link to your work.  This month's painting challenge, as hosted by Alice Thompson, on the Calypso Artist Movement, was dedicated to bad food! and then all the artists were going to critique each other's work via their blogs. A blog sounds complicated but it's actually extremely easy to set one up via google's blogger startup site.

And then there's Katharine Cartwright with a great idea.  Sketch as if your developing skills as a painter depended on it, but for only 20 minutes. Set a timer, 20 minutes only. Then email her the drawing/painting/sketch.  Brenda Swenson, a local artist, is actually "licensing" painters who can present a sketchbook filled with 75 consecutive days of drawing - just for the practice.

And last but not least, or for today anyway, there's Dana Marie's  blog with a posted subject matter for your painting project.

I'll be looking for more interesting sites like this. When we have no ideas but want to paint, there are possibilities out there.

Keep painting!

Day 17 - many days later

Back to painting after a several weeks long hiatus. Came home from my wonderful Charles Reid class in northern California and promptly left for Vermont and my friend's wonderful old farm. 

Back to Pasadena where I've become involved with a public garden: The Arlington Garden .   At the bottom of this link is a map to the Garden. You won't believe how beautiful it is right now and probably for the next 3 or 4 weeks!

This Garden, a Mediterranean extravaganza which uses no water, is in bloom right now - absolutely spectacular.  Thursday a group of plein air painters met there to paint and they'll be there again next Thursday, the 22nd. Tuesday, the 20th,  a group of oil painters are assembling in the afternoon.  Any artist who paints in the Garden is welcome to submit their painting for sale at our 5th Anniversary Celebration on Saturday, May 8. You need to contact me though so that I'll know how much hanging space we need to display these wonderful works.  The Garden will take 25% of the sale price to help fund its Foundation.  There will also be fabulous Orange Marmalade for sale which was made from the orange trees on the Garden's grounds by Waldo's Jam Company in Sierra Madre, CA   There will also be lavender sachets available, again, made by hand from the many varieties of lavender found in the Garden.  (Tooting the horn here, inviting everyone to come to the Celebration in the Garden on May 8.)

A friend alerted me this morning to a painting done in the Garden on Thursday by Marian Fortunati. Enjoy her  painting of bearded irises.     I'm hoping Marian's painting will be one of those for sale on May 8.

Have found some more fun challenges for all of us looking for "things to paint". I'll post those in my next post. 

Come join us in the Garden!  Here's my painting from that day - actually Brenda Swenson was in front of me painting one of her wonderful paintings, so I painted her.  Enjoy.

Day 16: An interesting study of Van Gogh that's going on

A few days ago I came across an article in USA Today, I think. I'm not sure.  Notation of an interesting blogsite regarding the restoration of Van Gogh's "The Bedroom" painting.  Site looks fabulously interesting. Tells the history of the painting and what's happening on a daily/weekly basis as to the restoration of the painting. Take a look:

And I'm still working on the photos of the Charles Reid class so that I can finish off talking about that wonderful class.

Day 15: Back to Karin Jurick for a moment...

While I was off in Concord, California, trying to learn to paint like Charles Reid......but more on that later.

I came home to two emails from two more of Karin Jurick's phenomenal follower fans.  They asked if their portraits of Karin could be included in the  outpouring of "thank you to Karin" if you'll go to Day Three of my posts, you'll see that there's a new title. We're now up to 122 heads painted of Karin. New paintings are at the bottom of the Picasa link and were painted by Michael Boshart and Norine Kevolic.  Thank you to these two new people for wanting to be included even after the due date. My thought has always been "the more the merrier" in wanting to say thanks to Karin's largesse over the last year.  Again thank you Karin and we're all hoping that all of your wonderful paintings on view in the Morris & Whiteside Gallery will sell.

Day 14: Not as enthusiastic as yesterday..... :'((

Yesterday with Charles Reid was so exciting. Very professional model who assumed exactly the same pose every time she returned to "the pose".  Everyone painted like an absolute whiz. We had a critique this morning and he was so complimentary to everyone, found the good spots, downplayed the bad..........we were all "champions of the world" as Roald Dahl said once in a book title.

And then we broke for the night, upbeat one and all.

This morning we had a very interesting live model, Haitian (she had been visiting family and was in Haiti during the earthquake), gorgeous pose, lots of good lighting.  Charles draws, talks about the drawing, talks about certain emphases and then begins to paint.  It all sounds and looks so simple.  (Again, pictures to be posted when I get home to my own computer.)  Charles even made a huge painting blob but then proceeded to rectify it.  You and I would have torn up our paintings and started over but since he was demonstrating, that isn't allowed.

And then we broke for lunch.

And then we broke down. 

The same morning model from this morning, different outfit, and then a second model of color with colorful hair and clothing (neither model would permit a photo even if money was offered..........don't understand that as it would be wonderful to have a reference photo to see what you were actually trying to paint!!)  We all tried to draw what we were seeing but we all agreed that today just wasn't our day.  My drawing was good, my painting I didn't like at all. I set it aside and quickly drew just the head and shoulders (we're supposed to be drawing full body/gestural poses) and started again to paint. Charles came by and gave me several suggestions as to the first painting and said that sometimes we discard paintings long before we should. So I picked it up and tried to work on it a bit more.  Still not satisfied with all the dripping colors!!

Tomorrow, another model, another demonstration, no critique....

I've made arrangements for Charles to come to Pasadena, CA in May 2011.  Hope to see some of you there.

Day 13: Charles Reid!!

I'm in Concord, California taking a class from Charles Reid! Whoopee!! Will have photos to post of the process when I get home and have access to my own computer, but I just wanted to say how excited I am to be taking a class from this "Master"!.  About 20 people, men and women, wonderful painters one and all. Today Charlie demonstrated all morning, painting from a model, talking all the while. Then in the afternoon, we painted from one of two models.............Tomorrow morning a critique.  Such fun.

I finally put together the photos from one session with Charles Reid. One young model in bib overalls. It's wonderful to watch the "start" of one of Charles' paintings to see how the face emerges.  Enjoy.   Charles Reid
I've heard from two more people who wanted in on the Karin Jurick Thank You Project so again, when I get home, I will upload their paintings to the Picasa site so that all of Karin's fans can view the latest works of art.

Signing off now.  Talk again later.  Jill.

Day 12: A painting challenge, a fun site...

Took a look at what Carol Marine was up to today - wonderful as always, and she mentioned Steve Worthington's request of her to paint a mouse.............Intrigued I went to Steve's much fun!!! Be sure and watch the video of the "Thrilla from Manila", scary music and all!!

Then a nice woman, Dana Marie at  has a new challenge painting every two weeks. Her followers send her photos of interesting things to paint, she chooses a photo and posts it, we paint it and upload a jpeg to her site (with her permission of course).  Take a look and see if it gets you painting!!

Day 11: A Joyous Day

Spent the afternoon staffing the Viva Gallery in Studio City, CA, with another very interesting woman, Barbara Byrne, a collage artist, who also crafts and wears gorgeous handmade jewelry. So many talented people out there! Am in a joyous mood, thrilled to be exhibiting a couple of paintings, joyous to be included among other extremely talented well known painters, foremost of whom is Brenda Swenson, almost a neighbor, who does such wonderful work.  She took a prize in this show (special honors) "H20 in 2010", the show mounted by the Valley Watercolor Society.  Below: "The Forbidden Fruit", a fabulous example of Brenda's wonderful negative painting style.  I had such a good time talking to the visitors on this incredibly rainy Saturday.

Day 10: 2 more paintings of Karin

I've added two more paintings to the Thank You Project for Karin Jurick.  I notified everyone of David Christy's wonderful painting which I totally screwed up on and failed to add to the Photo Album we sent Karin.  And then today another wonderful painting from Violetta Smith arrived in my email inbox which I added to the Picasa Album.

You'll have to scan all the photos to find those two. I have yet to figure out how Picasa sorts things. I asked for a sort by name.........and how the paintings are now? Is how Picasa thought they should be sort. Go figger!

Day 9: An internet site I'd forgotten about but...

About a year ago, I think it was Myrna Wacknov who brought this site to my attention:    Great drawing spot for those of us who are trying to draw every day.

Myrna, when sketching from posemaniacs, used to use the ubiquitous telephone book pages as sketch paper, drawing with a sharpie or some other black pen.

If you don't know about Myrna, she has very innovative methods she uses to create multi-media projects and she has received multiple awards for her fabulous bozzetto style watercolor painting "Reflections on Turning 65".

bozzetto as defined:

Day 8: Donna Zagotta's interesting blog spots

Donna Zagotta is a "feed" that I subscribe to (it's free). Today's post was interesting enough that it allowed me to spend (waste?) an hour or so, wandering the web, reading, looking, having a wonderful mind time as I call it.  Take a look at the best blogs as submitted by Donna's followers.

Day 7: An interesting painting thought

This artist, Katharine Cartwright, runs an interesting blog and features people's work that they submit following the rules of her challenge.  The Challenge itself is a great idea as it gets us drawing, something we should be doing a lot more of.  Take a look at the blog and get to drawing!!

Day 6: I'm in a show!!

I'm a member of the Valley Watercolor Society (a Los Angeles area watercolor group).
Several months ago they had a jurying into the Society and I submitted two paintings to be juried in. I was accepted!! Never thought I would be as I love everyone else's work and usually am not too thrilled with my own. A stereotypical attitude I think.

Valley Watercolor Society then announced a show "H2O in 2010" and called for entries. I submitted my two framed matted plexiglassed paintings (with hanging wires no more than 2" from the top of the frame) and whoopee!!! I was accepted. Two Paintings!!

"H2O in 2010" starts this Wednesday, the 24th of February at the Viva Gallery
The Reception (wine and cheese, ooh la la) is Sunday the 28th from 2-4 p.m. I hope, if you're free, and live in the area, you'll come see some really fine work.

"Past Their Prime"

"Christmas Meadow - Utah"

Day 5: Practice Paintings of Karin

I was tidying up my "studio" (a fold up card table in the guest bedroom) and came across the preliminary paintings I had done of Karin before I painted the one which became my final version. Thought it was interesting that such slight variations in a nose? in the width of a face? made such definite changes to the same face. So for your enjoyment herewith are the 3 other paintings I did of Karin Jurick.

I do portrait work by (1) drawing the face on drawing paper, not watercolor paper. I then (2) trace my drawing onto tracing paper. Then (3) using a light table, I transfer the drawing to the 140# cold press Lanaquarelle paper I've been using.  As I (4) paint the face I note where I'm going wrong. Back to the drawing, change the nose a little, lift the lips a little, fix the tracing paper image, light table it onto another piece of w/c paper, etc etc until I feel I've finally gotten the drawing right.  I realize this creates a lot of work for myself but I always feel better about the images of "real" people when I do them this way.

Day 4: My painting of Karin Jurick for the Thank You Project

This is the image of Karin Jurick that I painted for the Karin Jurick Thank You Project. 118 fabulous painters, pastelers, charcoalers, pencilers drew their version of Karin from the same photograph that was supplied to them.  This is my version. Would love to meet this lovely lady sometime, when next I'm in Georgia. We're all wishing Karin "big luck" for her show in March.

Day Two of Jill's Blog

I have not yet mastered coding, picture uploading, etc so my Day Three post is going to contain "links" to other sites.  Bear with me as I learn.  You'd never believe I actually teach people to use their computers! 

The Karin Jurick Project was a fantabulous experience both in working with wonderful artists and in learning how to create a book. Thank all 118 of you for painting/drawing/pasteling such wonderful works of art!! I'm sure she's going to be thrilled with our huge Thank You Karin.

On Day Three, to be posted in 3-5 days, you will find all the links necessary to enjoy each other's work.

Day Three: The 118/119/120/121/122 Faces of Karin Jurick

In December 2009, Karin Jurick through her wonderful website "Different Strokes From Different Folks", mounted a portrait challenge.  180 people from around the world were to submit a head and shoulders photo of themselves to Karin so that some other person of the 180 would paint it.  Painters painted each other anonymously and then Karin posted all of the wonderful paintings and drawings on

She also created fantastic YouTube videos of the photo morphing into the painting. Be sure and take a look at these as well. It's a fabulous viewing experience!!

As a Thank You to Karin Jurick Tribute, 118 of the above 180 artists (those who could be located) painted a portrait of Karin from a photograph supplied to them by Jill Polsby.  I've created a link to the Picasa album for everyone to enjoy and I've copied the link to the Snapfish book that was created and mailed to Karin as a huge thank you from her fans. 

I can't thank everyone enough for their enthusiastic response to this Thank You Project for Karin. Thank you!!

Picasa Album:

Snapfish Album ordered to be sent to Karin:

It's been noticed that some of the Snapfish pictures appear cropped. Snapfish dictated the size of the photo and some of the paintings were affected more than others. My apologies if it happened to your work.  When you get to the Snapfish site, below the pictures over to the can click on an icon that gives you a much bigger version of the finished book.

Day One of Jill's Posts

This is the first day of Jill Polsby's blog. It's 2010 and some of our new year's resolutions should be kept. This was one of them.  I'm working on a huge project involving 118 artists and eventually the final version will be posted here. Stay tuned