Day 68: Monday, April 25

I've actually been painting and drawing.......I've been going to that glorious Arlington Garden every afternoon and drawing.....birds are singing their hearts out, gorgeous weather, maybe 65 degrees and sunny.  Here are all my attempts........only one do I like at all, the big blue vase.  The rest I had a great vision in my head but my hand didn't execute. Drat!

More work to be done, but I love what's starting
to happen on the pot.

This is done on a clayboard left over from another painting.
Lots of underpainting showing through. Kinda fun.

Like this one, the colors in the agave especially.

Another version of the giant agave which
glows cerulean blue with orange edges in the afternoon sun.

Supposed to be a fantastic wash of
California poppies, greenery...........yuk.

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