Day 54: Monday, April 4 Paint Brushes

Got an email from Greg Daniels regarding DaVinci paintbrushes. It had a video attached that showed the brushes being made by hand in the factory in Germany.   I thought it was really informative.

It reminded me that Da Vinci brushes also make the DaVinci 5080 Cosmotop brush that Brenda Swenson used in a weekend workshop that made us all think that if we only had that brush, we would be able to paint just like Brenda. Hah!  But the brush has turned out to be a wonderful addition to the paint brush collection we all have. I use one of two sizes with great regularity, one's about 1" wide, the other's about 1.5" wide. 

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  1. Jill, It is MAGIC! I love my DaVinci brush! It is the perfect brush for negative allows me to make narrow and broad shapes.