I am really fed up and can only complain publicly here, on this blog.  I blog through Google's Blogger service, fantastic until tonight.  I wanted to add to my list of blogs I follow - that was ALL I wanted to do.  In trying to change the format of my blog ever so slightly, the d@@n thing rearranged, recolored, moved,'s taken me almost 2 hours to get back to the original appearing blog that I had but I've lost all of the blogs I follow and  I now have 2 extra google boxes at the top.  And then I found out after another 15 minutes how to read html coding and I deleted the google news (which I didn't want) and the two "about me" boxes that I didn't want.  I'm fed up and I wish someone in charge of Google Blogging could/would see this and help us out. I've been on the discussion boards and everyone's really frustrated with the Big Brother aspect of this whole thing. You, Google, decided that we needed to change.  You didn't ask us. You didn't tell us to "back up our HTML" before clicking on anything..........Darn you!!!!!   So tomorrow, I'll spend some more time, finding my favorite friends and their websites so that I, too, can just click on the links to some wonderful artists!

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