Day 17, January 20, Thursday

Thursday morning has always been a portrait drawing class taught by April Foster at the Eagle Rock Senior Center. It's a wonderful class, well taught, well attended, with everything from a rank beginner to several incredibly accomplished oil/w/c/pastel/sanguine artists. Today we had Mike Lynch for our model. He does a wonderful job and has modeled for us at least once a year.

And then I drew him again on watercolor paper.  I was supposed to go to Scottsdale for 4 days next week to watercolor paint in a private class with Ted Nuttall. I was concentrating today on the bizarre shadows that were being cast on Mike's face as if I were going to paint ala Ted.

From long ago, when Mike had shaved his head, I have this photo of him that I paid for (he's a professional model). Thought you might like to see his angular face for "real".

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