Sunday - Please Vote

Have several paintings that I can't decide between in terms of entering two of them in a local watercolor show. Would anyone who looks at this please comment on 2 favorites? I have to put the cd in the mail this coming Saturday.
As you can tell, I don't have a "style" yet.  ;-))

 a fellow painter
 arroyo sumac
 the yellow chevy's bumper
new hampshire doctor


  1. Love the expression in "a fellow painter" and I loved the work you did on the yellow taxi bumper - so I guess that is my 2 fav's. (altho, I do like the sumac, the color palette is very pleasing).

  2. Hard to decide, but I finally will vote on "a fellow painter" and 'the yellow chevy's bumper". They are all very nice and expressive. Good luck in the show!

  3. All look very nice. To choose only two, I have to pick the first two.

  4. The first three are in a dead heat tie, but I will choose "A Fellow Painter" and "The Yellow Chevy's Bumper". Nice work, Jill! Good luck with the show.

  5. What a difficult task! Your work is exceptional. If nudged I would suggest the fellow painter portrait and the Chevy bumper the detail in both, and the skill of your application are definitely highlighted well in these paintings. I enjoyed my visit to your lovely blog. Hugs, Katherine

  6. I want to thank all my commenters for taking the time to answer my plea. Because of the votes received on the blog and via email, the fellow artist and the taxi bumper will be entered. I'll keep you posted and you? You keep your fingers crossed!