Day 19, January 24, Monday

While it's still fresh, I have to tell a funny story. To do the Sketchbook Project I had bought 2 packs of cigarettes, the cheapest I could find and even then they were $4.50 a pack!! How does anyone afford to smoke?  I used up not quite a pack in deconstructing, cutting apart, shredding cigarettes for the project and thus had a pack and some loose cigarettes left over.  I put them in a ziploc bag in the car determined to just give them to one of the homeless guys who stand by the freeway exits....thought that better than throwing them away. So yesterday as I pull into a business' driveway, here comes a guy, drunk, dirty...I roll down the window and ask politely "Do you smoke?"  "Yes", comes the short answer. So I proffer the cigarettes out the car window and say "would you like these, a guest left them at my house".  He looks at the cigarettes for a long time and then says:
"I only smoke Menthol Lights"

and he walked on.  I started laughing out loud at the idiocy of the whole thing thinking, "I guess beggars are definitely allowed to be choosers"!

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  1. Oh this is too funny. Cracked me up! Thanks for the morning chuckle - great way to start the day (& week!)