Day 16, January 19, Wednesday

Working on a fabulous benefit here in Pasadena, CA, an exciting fund-raiser which will benefit the Pasadena Senior Center.  It's being held April 2, 2011, the 3rd Festival we will have held.  It's a book fest! We invite 4 women authors, local if possible, to present and discuss their newest book and their life as an author. It's always a sellout crowd of 250 people and we're fortunate enough to have Elizabeth Hailey ("A Woman of Independent Means") for our moderator.

Among other "jobs" I'm in charge of table decor and I've had such fun doing something I'm not normally involved with.  I decided it would be fun to have books themselves as the centerpieces and they would be the stand for the featured flower arrangement. I had a wonderful carpenter friend drill out a 3-3/4" hole in the front of the book, through the book jacket and all. I'm buying the books off of the "final stand" table at the South Pasadena Library so I don't feel as if I'm truly desecrating  a book - it's getting a second life as a featured objet d'art.
Buy a ticket and come join us for a wonderful day, including lunch.

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