Day 6: January 6, Thursday

Another dillydally day. Glued coffee grounds onto a coffee filter as potentially one of the pages in the National Sketchbook Project......and then went to see the movie "The Fighter".  Incredibly done true story starring Marky Mark (Mark Wahlberg who once was known for being an underwear model). He did a wonderful job and in spite of the boxing violence, it was very good. And that's the extent of my day.  Hope for more and better tomorrow or I'll be flat out of time. True confessions here.

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  1. Hi Jill. I'm having the same troubles with getting my Sketchbook pages done. Seems I've lost the desire or something - and I'm not sure it will be done to go out on the 15th. I had such good intentions when I signed on. Hope you are struck with vast amounts of inspiration! :)