Day 21, January 26, Wednesday

One of the most wonderful of all the painters whose work I've followed since my journey began is Karin Jurick, a full time painter now that's she's closed down her Atlanta based frame shop.  She set herself the challenge of 100 portraits in 100 days. Life intervened only slightly and she's proceeding apace towards her goal of 100.  Very early on in the series, a collector offered to buy the whole output of the 100 portraits, so each fantabulous painting has been marked "sold" as soon as it was posted.  She says she's had so much fun doing this that she will be continuing the project well past the 100 mark.  She finds the faces by googling mug shots, so her blog is "100 faces busted"....aptly named. Take a look and enjoy the progressively more talented painting....and remember when you're looking at them?  They're oil paintings, 4" x 4".    Here's just one of many.

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  1. It was while I was looking at Karins blog that I found YOU - just by hitting 'next blog'!!! I will return, Jill.