Day 4: January 4 Tuesday

Finally got my act together this afternoon and went into my lair. I'll again show the photos of what changed during this afternoon's session. Interesting experiment with my brother's portrait, the 4th of July boy. The one on the left looks awful here, but I tried a bit of a pointillist style and "in person" it's not all that bad.

And then there's the brother and my/his first cousin Swampy.  In person there's a heck of a resemblance.

Actually like one of the Carol Marine's out of all the many versions.


Am playing "Rigoletto" as I while away my time. Fantastic recording with Pavarotti in his prime and Kiri Te Kanawa just beginning.  Just saw it performed in my local movie theater as one of the Live at the Met HD Performances that are being presented.  In case you don't know about this, but love opera as I do, the Met is broadcasting a Saturday matinee, once a month, live in HD.  It's a fantastic presentation where, during the 30 minute intermissions at the opera house, you, as the audience, are treated to back stage interviews with the performers, to tours of the prop rooms, to watching the stage being set for the next act. Wonderful way to "be there".
Verdi - Rigoletto / Sutherland, Pavarotti, Milnes, LSO, Bonynge

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