Day 5: January 5, Wednesday

It's late and not much to show for today. Took 6 paintings to the camera store to be scanned onto a cd. Couldn't make up my mind as to which ones I would like to enter in the watercolor show. Gerald Brommer is the judge and I always wonder if judges like to see things that match their "style" of painting or if they just hopefully see some woozies of paintings and are thrilled that they were asked to judge. I think today was a dillydallying day.

Have been thinking for days about how to do my "Sketchbook Project" and finally this afternoon took all the stitching out of the Moleskin book that has to hold the project so that I could make some longer, wider pieces of paper. I need to get a'hustling on it.

And then when I went on the sketchbook site? They have monthly sketchbook projects some of which sounded so great that I had to email all the links to certain people. The easiest and what could be the most interesting was the "Pocket Project". Since i'm doing this post on my Ipad, here's the link to the big project with over 23,000 participants!!
Since my sketchbook theme is "coffee and cigarettes" I think I had better buy a pack or two of cigarettes to see if my idea will work. Stay tuned.

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