Day 8: January 10, Monday

Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday.

Today, again procrastinating on the Sketchbook Project.  Found out that I have two friends who also signed up to participate and who also haven't even started on their sketchbooks. The books are to be postmarked Saturday. We all three must be procrastinators!!  There are over 28,000 people signed up to submit Sketchbooks.

And then I started remembering a blog I loved but the woman got tired of blogging and feeding all of our souls with her wonderful choices in music and books. She was/is a watercolorist whose blog I found several years ago when I first started looking for on-line mentors.  I so looked forward to reading her blog every day: to see if the robin had built its nest yet this year, to listen to some of her favorite music.  Her book choices were always intriguing.  And so I put my cd of "Les Choristes" into my cd player in honor of Suzanne McDermott.  This one song is my most favorite.  Oh how I wish she still blogged all of her wonderful erudition.  The link will bring up Suzanne's actual page with her fascinating comments and links. She's a musician herself, songwriter, performer and also leads the "Big Draw" which in and of itself is a humongous project.  Here's a link to her painting blog just because.


  1. Hi Jill - I'm one of your procrastinator friends! LOL
    Just want you to know that I'm starting to work on my Sketchbook NOW! Whether anything is done in time, I can't say. Thanks for all the wonderful links, I will read them later otherwise I will never get to work! Ok, onward!

  2. Okay! So now I've found YOUR blog. Thanks so much for the mention. Always happy to inspire. Just to clarify one certain point... I didn't actually get tired of blogging but have had to take a hiatus to regroup, integrate my blogging and rest before forging down a new trail with vigor! I'm excited to follow your sketchbook.

    As for my front porch robins, ah, a tale too sad to share. But you've inspired me to pick up tales about the backyard flora and fauna adventures.