Day 11, January 13, Thursday

Cleaning up after my "arts and crafts" project otherwise known as the Sketchbook Project.  It's a really interesting site.  They not only had this huge nationwide (worldwide?) project where for a fee, you registered and received a moleskin sketchbook in the mail with a due date, but they also have monthly sketchbook challenges which would be fun to do with your children or was to empty your pockets at the end of every day, catalog the contents and send in all the collection envelopes. I thought kids (grandkids?) could have a heck of a time emptying Grandpa's pockets!

The next Sketchbook project? A Million Little Pictures.  You receive a disposable camera, you choose a theme, you shoot 27 photos (the number of negatives in the camera) and you return the camera by June 15. Signups for this project are over on March 31 so if you think you'd like to take part? Take a look.

Sketchbook is in tomorrow's mail, meeting the deadline.

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