Day 118: Sunday, July 31

Wonderful day! We were invited to a private tour of the new Dinosaur Exhibit at the Los Angeles Natural History Museum.  We showed up at 8 a.m., 2 hours before the Museum opened, for coffee in the most air-conditioned building we've been in in ages!  Lecture just for the 30 of us by Doyle Trankina who is the main sculptor of missing pieces when the dinosaurs are reconstructed.  If you read his bio through the link, it's an interesting career.

 He goes on the digs and was talking about one of the upper blades (?) (name) on the spine of a Stegosaurus. 

He was walking the dig site and saw the the pieces of this blade and thought it might be broken pottery but it turned out to be a Steggie part that he then reconstructed and it was placed on the model.  Such a signature!

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