Day 110: Monday, July 11 - The Conversation with Nancie Johnson continues

The Sketchbook Project
Nancie Johnson of  New Jersey
her blog:
Our "Conversation" continues

Nancie and I have now completed our third page/conversation in this ongoing Sketchbook Project we are working on.  If you remember:  We both painted "something"......colors and shapes on a page.  We then sent that first page to each other, me in California, she in New Jersey.  We attached a second painting to that first page by continuing any lines, colors, shapes from that first painting's edge onto the second page.  And this weekend we both completed our third page and put it into the mail.

Here's my first painting. Nancie ended up turning it on its side:

 Here's Nancie's response which continued the line of the banana:

Here's the 3rd - my response:

 And here's all three pages together - A Conversation

Tomorrow I'll post the other Conversation that's taking place, the one that starts with Nancie's first painting.

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