Day 102: Tuesday, June 28 - Ted Nuttall - a bit more

Finally found this one photo that I've been looking for from Ted Nuttall's workshop last week.  The first day is always busy, frantic, consuming....and Ted demos and starts a painting which he then works on all week.  On Tuesday, we all ganged up on him and asked him to "please, please, please" - draw a basic face and one more time, "Start over".  His initial washes of cad red light, cad yellow, cerulean...........It's all over so fast that you're left wondering how in the heck did he do that!  So here, up close and personal, is the second start of a painting from last week.

I then decided to go on a hunt for the photographs of the Workshop Attendees that must have ended up in the computer's trash can....and sure enough. So here's presenting
Lee Johnson

Debbie Bakker

Parvati Grais from Massachusetts!

Ann Pfister

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