Day 116: Friday, July 22 - The Conversation Continues

And Nancie Johnson of New Jersey sent me the latest installment in this "Conversation" we're having for the Sketchbook Project.  We're on our fourth panel............

Here's number one - she did - "The Helix" - which started our "conversation":

 Then I added the snake by coming off the right hand side of her helix:

Which yields this:

She then took my right hand edge, extended the head and tail of the snake and created the barbecue fork with steak:

So, for my turn, I took the cherries and the croissant on that right hand edge and created this:

Which when you put those two pages next to each other, creates this:

And that's what's in the mail to Nancie, on her birthday weekend.

We're four pages into our Conversation for the Sketchbook Project and we're both anxiously awaiting the mailman and our next installment!

Happy Birthday Painting Partner: Nancie Johnson of New Jersey
"Art Is Not A Thing"


  1. These are awesome........great minds and artists!!!

  2. Hi Jill, I love the direction your conversation is going. Obviously you were both hungry when you were painting these. : )

    This project is so creative. Thank you for sharing it.