Day 103: Wednesday, June 29 - a bit more Ted

Still cleaning up my desk/studio/computer after Ted Nuttall's class in early June. I was getting sick while the class was going on and ended up with full blown bronchitis by the time it was over and everyone had gone home. Been sitting on my keester, taking meds and feeling sorry for myself. 

But back to work finally!  Found a few more photos of Ted's work that I'd like to show all of you........the incredible detail that we all think is "Ted painting loosely".  It's actually incredible attention to the minutest detail which makes his paintings so special.  Take a look at these three closeup details from a couple of his paintings.

a nose and a bit of a mouth

look at all the colors and strokes just for the nose and moustache

so many colors, so many strokes of the brush

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