Day 104: Friday, July 1 - The Conversation with Nancie Johnson

Several weeks ago Nancie Johnson of New Jersey and I started a "Conversation" for our Sketchbook entry which we are doing jointly.  We each created an opening page and sent it, via the mail, to each other.  I had sent her four choices to work from:
She chose the fruit with the banana and joined her drawing/painting to the edge with the banana.  Here's her painting attached to mine on one edge. She's now sending this to me, here in California, and I have to think of how to extend her painting along that one edge, matching lines and colors in order to continue the "Conversation".

Nancie sent me two paintings to work from:
the helix

the kasbah

I tried and tried to build on the Kasbah but had to give it up. Took the Helix and by adding on to the right hand edge, created the 2nd page of our Conversation.  This is what I put in the mail to Nan today.

Her job is now to add on to the right hand edge of my page, to continue the lines and colors and create another "story".

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  1. Jill, I have friend here who stays in contact with two artists who've moved away from our area by doing "conversations" in paint. I think they paint separate images on postcard-size paper, rather than attaching images to each other, but it's the same general concept. Can't wait to share your blog with her!! Very cool!!