Day 106: Tuesday, July 5

Watercolor painting class started up again in an unairconditioned building in Glendale, CA, the same unairconditioned studio that 16 people suffered through when taking the Ted Nuttall Portrait Workshop two weeks ago. Nothing's changed. The bureaucracy's still in charge of doing nothing. They did put the giant industrial fan in the room which makes so much noise that you become exhausted from fighting with the extra, extra, extra noise.

And then I found this wonderful email from my son, Dan, who lives in Berkeley. He has a varied reading list during his days and always sends me such interesting side notes to life.  I loved this:

Night Hearst Plaza

and the source of the pianos:

and then the follow up article:

Click on the links in the above article. Enjoy looking at the quiet shelters of solitude.............

And then I've discovered   
It's possible to listen to any composer, any artist, vocal or instrumental....just to have some wonderful sounds going on behind.  I had just started playing around, listening to string musicians (YoYoMa, Hilary Hahn for starters) when in came the email from Dan.

Enjoy today!

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