Day 112: Wednesday, July 13

Have followed, via email, a wonderful blog site called "A Postcard From My Walk".  It's a group of 14 people (having "interviewed" the owner of the blog, Pat from the U.S.A.) who live around the world and who exchange  monthly sketches on postcards over the course of one year.  The participants are on their own schedule of sending a postcard so that the recipients never know whose postcards they'll be receiving that month - they just know that over the course of the year there will be 13 postcards per month in their mailboxes.  If I had friends all over the world I would start this project immediately.....or perhaps it could be done here in the U.S. if we all lived in different cities.  If you're reading this and think it sounds like fun (or that it doesn't sound like a chore), get in touch and we'll see if we can get a group together.

Here's this month's postcard TO Pat FROM Liz in Australia:

Just love these postcards and what a treasure to receive REAL mail in your mailbox, not just throwaway catalogs!


  1. Hi Jill. Sounds like fun If you start this count me in.

  2. and written in such a beautiful hand!