Day 119: Monday, August 1 - The Fruit Conversation

And "The Conversation" for the National Sketchbook Project (see earlier posts) continues.  Nancie Johnson and I have named this one the "Fruit Conversation" because of its initial page which was an apple, some grapes and a banana.  It has morphed way beyond the banana and the apple.

I had sent her the beak of a bird, attached to the banana:

Nancie took the half of the bird I had made on the right hand edge and morphed it into an "Angry Bird".  That was Nancie's latest entry, complete with sleeping cat, full of z's.

With no hesitation on my part, the 5th panel became?  A flurry of feathers.
So sorry, said the cat.

Here are 3 panels together. It's getting too long, now that it's five panels, to show it in full.

It's now back into the mail, off to New Jersey, to see what Nancie's going to do with the remnants of a bird.

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  1. And you think Nancy has more talent in the illustration department than you......well I think not! This is just wonderful!