Day 99: Thursday, June 16 - Ted Nuttall

I'm sorry to say that somehow, all of my photos of the wonderful painters in Ted's class were deleted from my new Iphone.  By my own hand. Which is worse!   I transferred everything to the computer, told the computer to delete the photos from the source.............and nothing.  I had such wonderful photos of the works in progress and the smiling, satisfied painters........Drat, rats and phooey as my family says.

Due to a combination of circumstances at the painting studios, problems with a/c, heat wave in Los Angeles, heater turned on in the studios instead of the a/c......I didn't pick up a paintbrush until Thursday.  Painted away, happily, finally but didn't even come close to a finished product.

Was trying to paint a companion piece to the portrait I painted last year with Ted of my cousin Phillip.  A piece which I adore.  The companion piece was to be Phillip's partner of many years, Russ.  Here's as far as I got:

You're looking at it through the plate glass window of the studio where I had set it preparatory to closing up shop on Friday afternoon.  Reminded me that it needs an ultramarine glaze as one of its finishing steps.

And once again, the painting of Phillip:

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