Day 87: Thursday, June 2 - challenge painting

I finally, after spending almost 2 hours with the Google Map of the world, found something to paint in/of/about New Zealand for the Virtual Paintout monthly challenge. Took a long time. Looked for gardens, looked for golf courses, looked for interesting tourist sites - I've never had any luck before,  but today I came across a "possible" right away. I copied down the link.  Good thing because I never found anything else paintable!  So here's the link:

and here's the painting of that link:

You submit the link and the painting to the nice man, Bill Guffey, who runs the website challenge. And as I said yesterday: If you paint for the challenge send me your link and your painting and I'll post them here as well.

And then at the Daily Paintworks Challenge they had a challenge of "paint what's outside your window".  Since I paint in my son's bedroom and since the view I have is of the canyon across the street and since I'm usually painting away late afternoon/sunset............this was my submission.

It actually looks more like the San Gabriels than the canyon, but artists have "artistic license" - or that's my story and I'm stickin' to it.

Tonight, Thursday, I heard from Bill Guffey that the http://www.thingie/ that I copied was only for the map of New Zealand, not for the specific site that I had found. I told him "drats, rats and phooey" as we say around this household and asked him to delete my submission until next month when I would try again. And hopefully? By next month? I will have figured out how to copy the exact location of my Google Virtual Paintout Challenge Site. Drats, Rats and Phooey.

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  1. Jill - I love your VP painting & what a bummer about the link. I had a problem once, a while back, with the VP links. Here's how I handle it now.

    When I find what I like, I take a screen shot/capture of it (I'm on a Mac). Whenever I do the screenshot, I click on the top right of the window where it says LINK. A small window opens & the link to the location is all there (and usually highlighted). I copy the link, then paste it into the info area for my screenshot. (Command-I on the image when on the mac, not sure on the pc). This way, I take lots of screen shots - and have all the links for them on each one. Makes it easier for me to go through them when I'm ready to paint something.