Day 88: Friday, June 3

Arches has a new product. A block of 140 watercolor paper in a 4" x 10" size. Fun to paint quick landscapes. Fun to paint tall grandfather clocks. Just a fun size.  But why I'm writing about this paper here is that right now, the paper is packaged with two squirrel paintbrushes from Arches - a size 5 and a size 1. The kit looks like this in the Dick Blick store:

Watercolor Block Set
The brushes are so much fun to use that I actually went back to the Dick Blick store here in Pasadena and bought another kit - equally for the paper and equally for the brushes.  Right now the kit is 19.99 on DickBlick.Com.

Just thought I'd tell you about a wonderful find.

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  1. Isn't that size great? I ordered the 4X10 and the new 8X8 from Cheap Joe. It doesn't come as a kit with the brushes, I didn't see that offer until later. Glad to hear your opinion of the squirrel brush, I hadn't tried it. The 4X10 inspires a lot of long and narrow doesn't it? I just replaced the plain background on my blog title with a new watercolor on this new size. It's from the tulip photo on A Day Not Wasted, by L.A. Brown. Love your work, Jill!