Day 90: Tuesday, June 7 - Lee Brown

Lee Brown, having survived his son's wedding this last weekend......or so we're hoping......

Lee Brown, a fabulous photographer, posts a photo once a month and invites everyone to paint from it, email him a jpeg of the painting, and then he posts the paintings, does a random "judging" and awards a black painter's apron with his logo on it.  Lot of work for such a nice guy and we really appreciate it.

This month's photo was spectacular

taken somewhere in Colorado.  His photo has really subtle greens and purples and once again, I had a vision in my mind that was fantastic. How is it that I can never translate the mental to the physical.  Here are my two submissions to Lee..........check out those purples!!

These photographs show up as really bad pinks/reds/purples.....some of the bad colors are due to the camera but not all.  Oh well, I tried!


  1. Jill they are both terrific. But I LOVE the second one. Those colors! And I love the style.