Day 100: Friday, June 24 - Drawing class

For the first time in ages I went to my portrait drawing class. It has met on Thursdays for years now under a wonderful teacher, April Foster.  We always have a live model for 3 hours, solely for portrait/figure work.  This week I had hired the model, Chad, a friend's brother. He did a fantastic job of sitting still with his extremely angular face.  I thought I did a great job of capturing him.

And then there's my friend in the class, Isao, a fantastic drawer of portraits with his sanguine pencil and his grey paper.  I persuaded Isao to give Chad this particular incredible treat to own one of Isao's drawings.

I don't know if you can see in the background the "conditions" of the classroom this time.  Someone had borrowed all of the conference tables from the room (we're in a senior center with a pre-school class of 3-4 year olds singing and chanting on one side of us and extremely senior folk eating lunch on the other side of us) and we've gotten tv tray tables, chair seats....anything with a level surface to draw on and created our space for the day.  Over the years we've hired some of the seniors with their interesting faces to model for us.  Seymour, for example, was one of our finer models:

And then we ran an ad in Craig's List for portrait models and Roman showed up. Another great face.

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