Day 93: Friday, June 10 - Peonies!!

We have a local store, not really a grocery store, but one that I think all of you know well? Trader Joe's.  T.J.'s, as we refer to it, has incredibly low priced fabulous flowers and orchids. The other day, finally, the peonies arrived. A feeding frenzy ensued.  You buy peonies as hard little balls, about the size of a golf ball, cut the ends, smash the stems so they'll be able to suck up water and put 'em in a vase.  Wish I'd taken opening photos but this is unbelievable. These first photos are probably on day 6? day 7?

on the upper right, you can still see a hard ball of a blossom
that hasn't started to open up yet

the smaller one in the center?
this is the flower where i'm holding a ballpoint pen
in front of it in ensuing photos

note the flower is only as wide as the white part of the pen

and they're beginning to turn from deep red to rose pink (they fade)

gorgeous side view for you floral painters

probably day 9 - look at the color change!!

and the one that was slow in starting to open up is still dark rose in color
while the rest are pale, pale pink

look at the final color!

and the one that was slow? still darker in color and spectacular
makes me wish I could paint flowers and have them
actually look like flowers!

and here's the one with the pen.
the flower is almost as large as the total pen,
not just the white part of the pen
Absolutely amazing flowers!!!

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  1. I bought these exact same peonies at TJ's. Weren't they the most incredible things? One of mine measured 8" across and they lasted for days. I love the way they keep changing color from the bright shocking coral/pink to the palest of peachy/pink. I bought another bunch the last week and they were pretty, but nothing like these!