Day 98: Wednesday, June 15: Ted Nuttall cont'd

Some wonderful work gets done in these workshops. I continue to be amazed at how many talented painters are out there, in their homes, in their studios, painting away with such gusto!  Here are some photos of the workshop attendees and their paintings:
Linda Moore with her granddaughter's portrait

Liliane Joris

Regine Legler with 2 grandbabies

Ted working with Gail Green and her photo of her father

Peggy Reid, noted watercolor instructor, talking to
another student, Marilyn Pepper

Marie Burdick

And I save my favorite for last.  Rody Halili came for his
second year to paint portraits of his wife -gorgeous portraits of his wife!!
And always his happy smile, all day, every day!
We were lucky to use the Glendale Brand Library Studios for this workshop though it's likely the last time these studios will be available for several years as they're going to undergo an earthquake retrofit starting next January.  I think I've lined up another wonderful possibility though nothing compares to the airiness, the light, the great working conditions for painters as the Brand Studios offer.

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  1. BRAVO....BRAVO! Looks like you had a wonderful class enjoyed by all!