Day 95: Sunday, June 12 - The Sketchbook

I've mentioned the Sketchbook Project before and I think I mentioned that I've paired up with a creative painter in New Jersey whom I've only met through the internet.  We both "Sketchbooked" last year and met when she commented on my blog.  She's Nancie Johnson of "Art Is Not A Thing".

We have painted our intial pages of the Sketchbook and swapped them via the mail.  Her wonderful artwork arrived yesterday. She sent two paintings for me to peruse and figure out what the next page of the book should say.  This is going to be one of those "Conversations" where Nan paints a page, sends me the page, I choose one of the edges of the painting and using all the lines and colors along that edge of the painting, make a whole new page.  See some of my earlier posts as to how this looks as it progresses.  Our painting class did this this Spring semester.

Here are her two paintings.  And then for the heck of it I flipped the helix onto all of its sides.  I have to attach my painting to the right hand edge.

This is what I sent her to start from: 4 different ideas.

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  1. Gee....amazing starts to this challenge! Wonder which one you'll pick....duh....the helix of course! Can't wait to see what you do off of it and which side you choose. Also wondering which of your paintings Nancy will paint off of!