Day 125: Wednesday, August 31 - Painting at last

Finally locked myself in a room on Sunday and painted away the day.  Had fun making small paintings.  The Valley Watercolor Society is mounting a show of small works, not to exceed 11 x 15 framed......which means you need to paint smaller than usual, which I tried to do.

Worked on a painting of my son............not too bad, not too good.
Painting:  It's not until you actually see it mounted together on the computer that you realize how "off" the painting actually is.  When you're just looking at it on the painting board, it seems kinda ok.

 And then I worked on a painting of my grand-nephew James....he's planning some kind of mischief here......
And then a very bad painting which I thought was wonderful until I saw it here.....Then you see the mistakes in the drawing.

And obviously this cute face needs a bit more hair
now that I see it in its finality.


  1. Hmm, I don't know. Looks so Karen Juricky, meaning that I see a painterly style emerging while you capture the likeness. I wish I could do that. So close. I wonder if it has to be perfect. if it does, then why not use a camera? ( But then what do I know. i followed my teacher's instructions, dried out my goauche in the sun. Didn't know that drying in the sun completely changes the color. Tried putting the paints back into babyfood jars,(( it gets worse, I ate the babyfood,)) and adding a bit of water to each jar. We'll see. I found a new teacher.)

    Great Job!

  2. I like them both but the nephew is my favorite of the two honestly!

  3. Wow I ever impressed! All those classes with Ted have paid off wonderfully. The painting of Dan is terrific and nephew James is adorable.
    You've got it....just keep at it!!! Terrific! Gail