Day 134: Thursday, September 15 - Portrait class resumes

Today was my first day back at April Foster's portrait drawing class in Eagle Rock. It's held at the senior center so it's a tight fit for the 20+ people who squeeze in, using card table chairs and tv trays as painting stations. We have wonderful models, regular people, who can amazingly sit still for the session. I haven't been to class in a long time and it was fun to pick up the charcoal and try, once again, for an image.

We had a great model named Robin, a friend of one of the women in class. The model assumes 4 or 5 quick 5-7 minute poses at the beginning of class and then assumes a pose for the rest of the time. They do get breaks every 15 minutes and then resume the pose. My first drawing is usually the best. I'm not thinking about anything. Just putting down what I think is there. Then I start studying the model and things start going a bit crazy here, a bit crazy there..............but I always have a good time.

 5 minute drawing
 maybe 45 minutes?
maybe another 30-40 minutes

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