Day 128: Tuesday, September 6 - Call for help for Carol Marine

Carol Marine, whose face I painted months ago,

is in trouble! The Texas wildfires that blew through the prairies yesterday took everything, house, clothes, her studio.....she did get out with her computer, all of her small paintings, her new iphone, and most importantly? Her husband and son Jacob.

This was her self- portrait for the challenge in April, the "All About Me" Challenge.  Sense of humor, sense of commitment to other artists.

Here's Carol Marine's day before "take" on the fire:

She and her husband have been so wonderful, stating a weekly painting challenge and then taking the time and energy to post everyone's works.  A lot of time, a lot of hard work.

A news announcement is flying around among her friends and all of those who painted for her challenges.  They are asking for donations to get Karen and her husband and son back up and through paypal.  Everything they owned burned and yes, they have insurance, but in the meantime, we could help a bit.

A good friend of Carol's who was actually at the house when everyone was ordered to evacuate, has organized her blog so that donations through PayPal can be easily accomplished.

This is what Karin Jurick had to say:
A shout-out to the artists community -  Carol and David Marine and their son lost their home in the Bastrop, Texas wildfires on Sunday. Their entire subdivision was wiped out, up to 300 homes. I hear they are all safe, that's great news.

Karin Jurick, also a good friend of Carol's has stated all the "how's" of helping on her blog.  If you feel like making a contribution to Carol and David Marine, I'm sure it would be greatly appreciated.

I'm hoping we'll all donate a little something as a huge thank you for all of Carol and David's work these many months.

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