Day 124: Tuesday, August 30 - the 2nd "Conversation"

And then I shut the door on the painting room and stayed there until I had figured out what to add to the second "Conversation" that Nancie Johnson and I are working on.

We had had the conversation about the "Angry Bird" and the Cat. I had the cat kill the bird, leaving a feather in the panel I painted.

Nancie showed the bird house now for rent in her panel.

I imagined that there were some furnishings left in the bird's house, such as fish in a fish bowl which would now be looking to be adopted?

 And together the story is:


  1. Jill, these are fabulous! I don't know how you do it....well, yes I do. You eat, sleep, and dream conversation 24/7 until you're about to give up. Then, the light bulb goes off and away you go! Great job. So glad your back "blogging"....I missed your entertaining entries!

  2. Clever! Voila, conceptual art. LOve your colors. What happened to the child's portrait, then unfinished?

    So glad you are back blogging, very appreciated.

    Cyn a

  3. OMG Jill! This one hasn't arrived yet (probably tomorrow). I got the helix one today. Now I have both of these to ponder ...... oh, not sure what to do - YET! Love them both!