Day 133: Wednesday, September 14 - Pasadena Festival of Women Authors

Worked most of the day on the Pasadena Festival of Women Authors which is going to occur, for the fourth time, on March 3, 2012 with a fantastic lineup of female, local authors.  Michelle Huneven "Blame" - Susan Straight "Take One Candle Light A Room" - Heidi Durrow "The Girl Who Fell From The Sky" - and a wonderful mystery guest whose name we're announcing later - just to build suspense.  And again, Elizabeth Forsythe Hailey will be the moderator. The event has been sold out the last two years and we're hoping the community of readers supports us as enthusiastically this coming year!

Finally got the framing accomplished for the baby portrait I want to enter in the Valley Watercolor Society's "small" show.  I thought I was all done, liked the frame I'd finally found, liked the "look" of the finished product and then realized that just because a frame has a huge "11 x 14" printed on it doesn't mean that it's 11 x 14.  Turned out the frame would "hold" an 11 x 14 photo but the frame itself was 13 x 16.  There is no such thing as a ready-made 11x14 frame.  So took myself off to Anthony's Framing in San Marino, a wonderful shop owned by its namesake Anthony with two wonderful sidekicks David and Carlos.  "No problem. Calm down. We'll get it done by Friday. How does this look?"...........all in their calming voices.  So I'm done and will hand deliver it to the judges on next Sunday, with my fingers crossed behind my back that they accept it.

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