An extra post on a Saturday re Carol Marine and her family

I was thinking about Carol Marine and her husband and son who lost absolutely everything in the fire in Bastrop, Texas, outside Austin. A good friend of Carol's who runs the blog noone'sthebitch and who asked for donations from the art community because these wonderful folk had nothing, updated her blog to reflect the overwhelmingly wonderful response from the art community.......just as all of us who sent money were hoping.

This is the comment on the blog:

[As of mid-day on Friday, Sept. 9th, only five days after the fire, over 300 kind and generous people have donated almost $18,000 to help Carol and David. That's right: almost EIGHTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS!!! You have no idea what this means to them, folks. No idea. They have been moved beyond words and have cried about this more than once -- in a good way. :-)
Carol and David say thank you, thank you, thank you a million times over for this wonderful expression of love and support from fellow artists and fans of our book.
To see all these incoming links from art blogs far and wide, to see the names of so many studios and even other daily painting sites online, honestly, it's blown their minds. It's really something to be proud of. Y'all are part of something really special.... 
You've all helped turn a gut-wrenching experience for Carol and David into something affirming, amazing and beautiful.... They can never thank you enough and they will never forget this!] 

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