Day 135: Friday, September 30 - Leaf Hoppers

Sorry for the hiatus. My husband and I took a leaf hopping trip to Vermont, Montreal, Quebec and Maine to visit with old friends and just got back.
Our timing was impeccable:
trees just starting to turn,
absolutely glorious weather,
heavy rain and lightning as we left Boston last night.

Couldn't have been better. 

Fall always makes such sense on the East Coast.
Pumpkins in the front yard make sense.
Chrysanthemums make even more sense.
Scarecrows, stalks of corn tied to the mail boxes make sense.

There were apples everywhere,
on the trees,
on the ground,
for sale in front of the houses........

Color on the drive from Quebec to Maine.  Leaves just starting to turn. Gorgeous.

Nice to be back though. Fall classes have started, it's getting dark earlier, time for chili and beef stew and thick soups. Love the fall.

If you need a fabulous chili recipe? Try this Williams-Sonoma version. Yum

1 comment:

  1. Looks like you and Dick had a wonderful time making your way through
    the beautiful north eastern countryside. How fun!