Day 126: Thursday, Sept. 1 - My Birthday day

Time out from painting. Time for fun. Time for friends. Time for lunch with my birthday "twin" - Taka.  We were obviously separated at birth is why we don't look very much alike. We met when our girls were just two years old and they were becoming fast friends but we've only just recently, maybe 15 years or so? celebrated our birthdays together. 

And then serendipitously, I found our missing triplet sister (actually a blogger whose blog I follow - seriously not a sister, but born on Sept. 1).  Funny lady, Liz, writes a blog called "Flourish in Progress".  I've been reading her blog for a couple of months now, just enjoying the raucousness of it.  She had a really interesting experience with her blog.  She was googling certain words and photos that she uses in her blog, whiling away the time, and suddenly found another blogger who had totally stolen her blog, pictures and all.  Whatever Liz posted, this male was copying, posting, receiving comments.....and he never once mentioned Liz or her funny, funny blog.  Turned out this guy had been stealing from other people's blogs for quite some time.  Her column on this is a special one, funny, angry, informative.  I wished her a happy birthday as well.

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