Day 84: Thursday, May 19 - Painting of Ted

Ever since the first time I hired Ted Nuttall to come to California and to teach a watercolor workshop, I've had this picture of him. It must have arrived via a piece of email or some website and I've had the goal of painting it, in watercolor for these 3 or 4 years.

Instead? I just started an oil painting class on Sunday afternoons and grabbed up the photo of Ted and took it with me last Sunday.  Did a fast sketch onto the canvas (and as you can see it was a truly quick sketch - no measurements, no nada) and started painting away.

In watercolor? The sketch is everything. It takes hours. You measure. You erase. You paint pass washes.....

With oil? Wow!!! I just layered on the colors, moving eyebrows, moving lips, changing was so much fun!!

And it looks not one iota like Ted. Oh well. I had a good time and there's always tomorrow, tomorrow as Little Annie said!

Ted's workshop, this year, 2011, starts on June 13.  Can't wait.

grainy photo of the painting - sorry

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