Day 85: Friday, May 20 - David Hockney, IPhones, IPads, Apps

At long last, thanks to my daughter's efforts, I moved from my little teeny Motorola (fit easily in my pocket) cellphone which only made phone calls, to a brand new spankin' white IPhone4.  Whooey is it fun! It beeps, it quivers, it rings bells....there's always somethin' a happenin' on the IPhone!  And then today as I'm perusing other peoples' blogs, a great pastime, I came across an article on David Hockney
David Hockney iPhone Painting
and how he uses his IPhone to create art.  Thought it interesting because just yesterday someone showed me David Hockney's art on her cell phone and was talking about styluses and apps........

There's a great you tube interview with Lawrence Weschler.

In my March 23 blog, I talked about Myrna Wacknov's "paintings on her IPad and how she downloaded the Sketch Club App from the App Store. She enthuses daily about how much fun she's having drawing with this App and has now purchased a stylus by Targus at Best Buy for $20 to make the drawing process easier.

While wandering the web, I came across another artist's blog, Mia Robinson,  who talked all about how to use the Sketch Club App, how the various tools worked, etc. 
Have fun on your IPhone or your IPad!

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