Day 80: Wednesday, May 11

Gorgeous day in Southern California.....way too nice to stay inside and paint! So I've been checking out all of the Challenge sites. 

The Virtual Paintout is the one that gets me (makes me irritated) the most. I spend hours cruising around the map of whatever area they have chosen this month's challenge is the French Riviera) and I see car after car after car, street after street after street.  Then I look at the paintings submitted for the challenge.  Today there's one that has pots of flowers on a window ledge and the painter says she found it on the map and that it's the window of a church..........yeah? where!

A painting friend AnnMarie Thomas submitted a fun painting to this challenge. She actually found people on the docks, walking:

And I believe her when she says she found this.  I was grumping around and she sent me two "shots" she'd found on her internet search so I guess it's possible but I have yet to find anything emminently paintable!  It's a great way to waste wonderful time though, cruising around an area on a google map.

Here's one of AnnMarie's suggestions:

The challenge is for all of May so there's time for me to get myself up and painting!!

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